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Virtual Events

Over the last few years, we’ve all had to make the shift to online meetings and virtual events. As a result this has given rise to the hybrid event which offers a mix of live and online content. Many more companies are seeing the advantage in offering their events to a wider audience than would have been possible before.

Types of online event:

  • Virtual conferences and seminars
  • Webinars
  • Online tradeshows and exhibitions
  • Music concerts and festivals
  • Career and job fairs
  • Staff events
  • Product launches and demos
  • Award ceremonies
  • Remote training
  • Online courses
  • Private views

The Web Platform

We can build a variety of web platforms depending on your requirements.

Our partners services include:

  • Production Support
  • Video Editing
  • Live broadcast
  • Set & Staging and Content Creation
  • Cameras
  • Lighting
  • Voice-overs
  • Sub-titling
  • Live Zoom Discussions
    • Intigrating Slido Live Chat

Case studies

The Bethlehem Cultural Festival

An annual cultural festival celebrating Palestine through music, theatre, film, cookery, dance, architectural heritage and discussion.

We’ve been looking after the Bethlehem Cultural Festival for a couple of years now. The first event was completely virtual due to the restrictions from Covid-19 whilst the most recent event was a hybrid event of live and pre-recorded content.

We built an adaptable website platform to host the website content which included:

  • Website registration
  • Integration with EventBrite ticketing
  • Event listings
  • Event archives
  • Live streams and pre-recorded embedded content
  • Live zoom discussions
  • Online marketplace

In addition to the platform we also provided website support throughout the event to ensure content was kept up to date.

We worked closely with the video production team who provided the live feeds and pre-recorded video content.


We’ve created a number of microsites for Charmed Event Directors for Screwfix conferences. These microsites contain a single password protected login page for attendees to access the live stream. The page is built to be lightweight and quick to load for optimimum delivery.

The live streams also included a live chat using Slido which was integrated alongside the video stream to allow audience interaction.

The BAAs Live

Every two years the British Animation Awards have their awards ceremony. Having managed to get the 2020 ceremony in just before all the lockdown restrictions the 2022 event needed to be a mix of live and online content.

We built a standalone website to host all of the streaming content. This included:

  • Website registration
  • Pre-recorded video content
  • Location specific content restrictions
  • Live stream of the main event

We also assisted the BAAs team with website and technical support throughout the build up to the event, on the day and after the event.

All live content and pre-recorded content was provided by a partner media production company.

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