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Make your website compliant with Cookiebot Consent Management Platform (CMP) 

Today, every website must comply with regulations related to privacy and the processing of personal data. With the explosion of data privacy laws around the world and strong enforcement mechanisms, your website needs to be compliant in all the markets in which you operate.  

Online brand reputation is also becoming more important, with consumers demanding transparency and control over how their data is used. Since data privacy is fast becoming a metric of brand reputation, building trust with website users via consent is key. 

Therefore, Dreamabstract Ltd is partnering with CookiebotTM by Usercentrics  

Cookiebot CMP is a technology leader in online cookie compliance. With patent-pending technology, the most advanced in the market, it helps businesses to minimize compliance risks by automating what otherwise requires a costly and error-prone manual coding exercise for each website. 

The mission of Dreamabstract Ltd and Cookiebot CMP is to enable your website to become and remain fully compliant with the latest data privacy legislation.

With an easy to manage plug and play solution without complex implementations, you can create a personalized experience for your website visitors in multiple languages and a banner design that is fully aligned with your brand look and feel. 

You can find more information about Cookiebot on their website

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